Trunnion Mounted tennis junior francais

The ball is mounted on trunnion supported in body bearings above or below the ball. The sealing is realized by spring loaded piston type seat which shut off flow when line pressure is exerted on the upstream seat. The design provides automatic relief of cavity overpressure. Trunnion mounted ball valve is available in seizes above "2” and is generally used for higher pressure. Trunnion mounted ball valve can be closed quickly and thus there is a danger of water hammer. Trunnion ball valve is widely applied in chemical engineering, petroleum, gas, metallurgy and the long-distance pipe containing hydrogen sulfide, impurities and media having strong corrosion. 
Lande Valve provides trunnion mounted ball valves having different specifications: API/BS/EN/JIS, PTFE Seated, Forged Steel/Carbon Steel/Stainless Steel, 3-PC. Other specifications are also available. Please feel free to contact us: [email protected].
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